Opening Day

It’s that time again!! The Coven opens today Aug 3rd at 12pm (noon) SLT. We are so excited and can’t wait to see you all there. The designers have knocked it out of the park with a diverse variety of items for all. Tattoos, to clothing, accessories and decor. Hope you all have fun. Need a ride to the event? Click the link below for your tp to The Coven Event. Want to know what designers are in this round? Click on the Aug Designers tab.

The Coven Event TP

aug coven1_001


aug coven2_001



Shout Out

Want to give a shout out and HUGE thank you to 2 people that have helped us out this round!!

Vae – Owner of Plastik

She has graciously donated some of her designs from Plastik to help decorate. So happy to put her items out for everyone to see. We greatly appreciate what she has done!!

plastiklogo 20172

Slurl to Plastik

Plastik MP

Plastik Blog

Plastik Flickr


Maya Dreamcatcher – Owner of Velika Rituals

She has helped us decorate The Coven Event area. Such a sweetie for taking time out of her day to help us out!!

It’s wonderful to see creators come together to help and support others. Always remember it’s better to build each other up, rather than tear each other down. There is a wonderful community of creators in SL. Whether it be Designers, Bloggers, Vloggers, Creators of everything in between to build this community and make it what it is!!

Again, thank you so much to Vae and Maya!!!


The Coven – gift round

More exciting news for our shoppers! This round of The Coven – Lunar Festival is a gift round. How do you get the gifts you may ask? Well first you must be in or join The Coven public group and WEAR the group tag. Cauldrons will be set out in front of the booths. Just click on the cauldron to receive a free gift and enjoy!!

Almost there

End of the month seems to be rolling up on us fast! Where did the time go? Pretty soon the August round of The Coven will be open. We’re all excited as we get closer to opening day. We’re working hard so that you have an awesome time. There are some wonderful designers this round. Want to know who will be there? Well just click on Aug Designers for a full list of who will be there. Have questions? Then feel free to leave a comment. Hope to see you there and keep an eye on our site for updates!!


Blessed Be,

The Coven Staff


A new round of The Coven will be opening Aug. 3rd at 12pm SL and run until Aug. 24th at 12am SL. This rounds theme is the Lunar Festival. Come visit and enjoy the festival. Please be cautious of the scripts that you wear to help it be as lag free as possible. Stay tuned for more posted updating you on who, what, and where!!!